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We realise that people want some reassurance when they are paying for work to be carried out on their homes.

Stay Dry Roofing in Plymouth

For this reason we offer several different guarantees. All roofs that are completely renewed are covered by one of the following

  • Felt roof – Depending on which system you choose we can offer our own 5, 10 or 12 year guarantee

  • Slate or tiled roofs – 12 year guarantee

This guarantees that the new roof covering provided by us will not perish or leak for the guaranteed length of time. If it does and one phone call to us will enable us to visit your property and rectify any problem with our roof.

Our guarantee covers:

  1. Faulty materials or workmanship

  2. Replacement of the faulty item

  3. Labour to carry out repair

  4. Access to carry out works

Our guarantees are valid providing:

  1. No works to or on the roof covering are carried out by anyone other than Stay Dry Roofing Operatives.

  2. Does not cover any damage sustained internally at the property.

  3. Does not cover any damage covered by an Insurable peril e.g. Storm Damage

Our estimates show the guarantee that is offered for the specific works. Repairs carry our guarantee for 12 months. This covers our materials and the specific repair. However, sometimes with a repair the most obvious is not always the problem as water can trac from one place and end up leaking in a totally different area.

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